Discover Barbados Gold At Waitrose

Now At Over 160 Waitrose Stores

Neptune Rum is raising a glass after securing in-store listings at over 160 Waitrose stores across the UK and online for its premium Barbados Gold Rum.

With the rise in consumer demands for sustainable spirits, Waitrose have found the perfect fit for its customers with Neptune Rum Barbados Gold, that combines exceptional quality and ecological credentials. The Rum category continues to grow having recently passed the £1B point challenging whisky, vodka and gin for market share, with little sign of easing off.

Neptune Rum Barbados Gold is lovingly distilled on the sun-kissed slopes of southern Barbados at the Foursquare Distillery and aged in American Bourbon Oak Barrels. Made using sustainable natural ingredients and blended from only the finest 8, 5 and 3-year-old rums to deliver a gloriously smooth drinking experience. Neptune Rum Barbados Gold is completely pure without any artificial colours, flavourings or added sugar. By keeping it natural the delicate flavours and velvety smoothness of the rum is preserved.

“It is a major milestone to have secured a Waitrose national listing for Neptune Rum Barbados Gold. Having been awarded ‘The World’s Most Awarded Rum of 18/19’ with over 70 global awards, I am confident that Neptune’s quality will live up to the discerning taste of the Waitrose consumer. Neptune Rum are Ocean Guardians at heart and are committed to raising awareness of the natural beauty of our oceans and funding environmental action projects around the world, this partnership with Waitrose enables us to continue with vital work, for a better tomorrow”. 

Lewis Bowen, Neptune Rum CEO. 


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