Iconic Collection Awarded Gold and Silver Medals

Top Awards For Taste

Neptune Rum Neptune Rum is delighted to announce that it’s new Iconic Collection has been awarded a series of top awards for taste at the Global Rum & Cachaca Masters 2023 Flavoured Rum category – Neptune Rum Caramelised Banana and Charred Pineapple Rums a SILVER and Mango and Ginger receiving a GOLD Medal.


The 2023 Rum & Cachaça Masters was the biggest iteration of the competition to date with all entries being judged blind, meaning the judges were free from any brand preconceptions.


The new Iconic Collection has been created with broad appeal and flavours profiles that make them perfect for Iced Shots, Long Drinks and Easy Cocktails. The new collection consists of 3 mouth-watering flavours at launch, including Caramelised Banana, Mango & Ginger and Charred Pineapple.

The new Iconic blue bottle has been designed to have stand out appeal and create maximum brand recognition, by being easily identifiable and understandable proposition behind bars, on shelves and online. In addition to its looks our new Iconic Blue bottles use 48% less glass compared to our Exceptional Collection, reducing energy used in manufacture, transportation, and recycling. The new Iconic Bottles are also 100% plastic free featuring fully recyclable aluminium enclosures and film labels made from 100% wood-based renewable materials. Discover Iconic.



Neptune Rum is focused on creating Exceptional and Iconic rums from the Caribbean. By combining the finest natural ingredients, centuries-old distillation methods and tropical ageing, our rums deliver an exceptional drinking experience. Due to our focus on exceptional quality and natural ingredients, our rums have earned their place amongst the world’s greatest rums with over 70 global awards.

Neptune Rums takes its name from Neptune, god of the oceans, and is committed to raising awareness of the natural beauty of our oceans and funding environmental action projects around the world. Neptune Rum is part of Babco UK.


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