Discovering The World's Most Awarded Rum

Discovering Excellence: The World's Most Awarded Rum

Rum enthusiasts around the globe can attest to the diverse and flavorful world of this beloved spirit. However, not all rums are created equal, and discerning the best among them involves a rigorous process carried out by experts. In this article, we’ll delve into what judges look for when giving out rum awards, why these accolades matter, and explore the most awarded rum of 2018/19.

Why Do Rum Awards Matter?

Rum awards matter for several reasons:

  1. Recognition: Winning a prestigious rum award is recognition of the distiller’s dedication to quality and craft. It distinguishes the brand in a competitive market.

  2. Consumer Confidence: Awards provide consumers with confidence in their purchase. When a rum has received accolades, it’s a signal of exceptional quality.

  3. Exploration: Rum enthusiasts often seek out award-winning rums to expand their palate and discover new flavors and profiles.

  4. Legacy: Awards contribute to a brand’s legacy and heritage. They become part of the rum’s story and history.


What Do Judges Look for When Giving Out Rum Awards?

Rum awards are a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of distillers. But what exactly are the experts searching for when evaluating rum? Judges in rum competitions consider several key factors:

  1. Flavor Profile: The flavor is paramount when judging rum. Judges assess the aroma, taste, and finish of the spirit. They look for complexity, balance, and unique character.

  2. Quality of Ingredients: The source of ingredients, the type of sugar used, and the aging process all impact the final product. Judges consider the quality and origin of the ingredients.

  3. Distillation Technique: The method used to distill the rum plays a vital role in its final flavor. Judges assess whether the distillation process enhances or detracts from the spirit.

  4. Aging and Maturation: The length of aging and the type of barrels used for maturation significantly affect a rum’s taste and aroma. Judges examine the influence of time and wood.

  5. Balance and Complexity: Judges look for a harmonious balance of flavors and aromas. Complexity and depth make a rum stand out.


What is the Most Awarded Rum of 2018/19?

In 2018/19, one rum that garnered significant attention was Neptune Rum Barbados Gold. This exceptional rum was hailed as “Rum of the Year,” and it captured the hearts and palates of rum connoisseurs worldwide. Discover the awards.

With its exquisite flavor profile, Barbados Gold embodies the very essence of Caribbean rum-making traditions. Crafted with the finest Barbadian ingredients and aged to perfection, it’s no wonder that this rum took the top spot in 2018/19.

Some of Neptune Rum’s awards include winning Best British Rum Brand, Best Barbados Rum, and Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Another notable mention goes to  Neptune Rum Caribbean Spiced. While not awarded the same title, this rum’s unique spiced infusion and balanced sweetness have earned it a devoted following.

In conclusion, rum awards serve as a compass for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of rum craftsmanship. They offer recognition to exceptional brands, inspire confidence in consumers, and elevate the reputation of the world’s most awarded rums.


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